Course Layout

This is what our Beautiful course looks like


Hole 1:

A testing starting hole requiring an accurate tee shot to a relatively narrow fairway. Avoid the bunker on the right. Choose a short to mid iron for your second to a sloping green guarded by two
bunkers on the left.


Hole 2:

A long dog left, uphill par 4 – be careful to trying to cut too much off the corner. A long second shot possible as much as a fairway wood played along a right to left sloping fairway to a big green.


Hole 3:

A short par 4 requiring not more than a 3 wood off the tee avoid the fairway bunkers on the right. Your second shot is played downhill with a short iron to a well-bunkered green.


Hole 4:

A good drive is required to get you down the fairway as far as possible. Avoid the dam on the left! From there, you are going for the green in 2, be careful of the dam short and right of the green.


Hole 5:

A challenging par 3 requiring a well struck mid to short iron into a fairly large but sloping green guarded by water short of the green and surrounded by mounds.


Hole 6:

After an intimidating tee shot into a narrow fairway avoiding the 3 fairway bunkers on the right you are left with a mid to short iron played steeply uphill – don’t forget to take one more club.


Hole 7:

A long and testing par 3 requiring a long iron or fairway wood to a large green heavily guarded by a series of strategically placed bunkers.


Hole 8:

An accurate tee shot is required with a long iron on the fairway wood to a narrow fairway leaving a short iron approach to an elevated green.


Hole 9:

A well-struck driver down the fairway will leave you with an opportunity to carry the fairway bunker and sluit leaving a short chip to the green.


Hole 10:

Be careful of the out of bounds left and right – avoid the large bunker with your drive. This will leave you with a long iron or fairway wood to a large green.


Hole 11:

An accurate tee shot is required to a green well-guarded by 3 bunkers.


Hole 12:

Aim your drive on the right hand side of the fairway – this will leave you a shortish iron to a heavily bunkered and sloping green.


Hole 13:

Decision time – drive-able par 34, but be careful of the dam on the left or play a fairway wood leaving you a very lofted iron for your second.


Hole 14:

Aim your drive between the fairway mounds. A very long drive will give you the chance to have a go at the green with a fairway wood or play an iron left of the dam and get on in 3.


Hole 15:

Your drive should be played as close to the fairway bunkers on the left to leave you a long uphill second. Keep left on the greenside bunkers.


Hole 16:

This is the narrowest fairway on the course. Take a driver or play a fairway wood into the wide section of the fairway – a straight, well-judged second is required here.


Hole 17:

A long par 3 to a large green surrounded by a series of bunkers. Club selection here is vital as from beyond the hole, your putt will be very fast.


Hole 18:

A fantastic finishing hole – the longer hitters can carry the water on the right, offering a chance to reach in 2! The shorter hitters must play left and go onto the green for 3. A small green eagerly awaits your approach.

main golf course layout