RE-FOCUS | RE-ADJUST | RE-START is our slogan for this year!

Our club is all about family and living a healthy lifestyle -our members stay active through different exercise forms such as running, walking, cycling or spending time at the gym – however our primary focus is running.  We encourage members and non-members to live a balanced healthy lifestyle.

We accommodate both the serious and not-so-serious runners, walkers and cyclists. Whatever your goal may be, we are here to support you, wherever possible. Experience has taught us to keep going, it does not matter if you are fast or slow but to keep focusing on your personal fitness goals.

We also consider the social part of our Club as important as the competitive part. We encourage the whole family to get involved, including partners and children.

The Club does not offer any formal in person coaching services, but there is a wealth of experience from our more experienced runners at your disposal. However, we have partnered with TrainAsOne, The AI Running App – intelligent training plans for runners of all abilities.

We offer morning training sessions, time trials, club runs and encourage our members to enter races that are on offer. This will offer you plenty of opportunities to learn from experienced runners and tailor your training to fit your goals.

We encourage our members to keep going, walk if you must, but finish the race.  It is a combination of consistency and balance.

As of 2022, the Ruimsig Country Club has become our home, and we are delighted for the opportunity to share the fantastic facilities the Country Club has on offer.

We Run Smart & Run Safe!

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